wellness: Sore throat, malaise, fever

My son came home with a sore throat, he was feeling worn down and had a slight fever.  I tried this wrap from: http://aromatherapyhealings.com/the-best-essential-oils-for-sore-throat
I will post the results tomorrow. Is it a good sign that he feel asleep 5 minutes after I removed it? I’ll take it either way!


When having a sore throat calming the pain is of top most priority. Make a wrap to quickly to soothe the pain. Here is an effective one to try on.

Things to prepare:

    Bergamot Essential Oil – 2 drops

    Lavender Essential Oil – 2 drops

    Tea Tree Essential Oil – 1 drop

    hot water in a ceramic bowl – 500 ml

    2 Medium Size Towels


1. Add all the essential oils into the bowl of hot water.

2. Soak the towel into the water mixture.

3. Wring out the water in the towel.

4. Wrap the towel around your throat. Make sure that the wet towel is not too hot until very uncomfortable. Wrap the dry towel over it.

5. Leave on until towel turns cold to body temperature.

6. You can repeat the treatment a few times until your throat is no longer sore.

I added a 7th step where I put a cool towel around his throat, also wrapping with a dry towel.  


Image source: Franz Eugen Köhler, Köhler’s Medizinal-Pflanzen


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