Get Your Eyes Checked Out – PART 2

In my posting, Get Your Eyes Checked Out – PART 1, I described how my eyes were actually affected by my concussion. After experiencing some frightening symptoms, I went to see my Ophthalmologist. I am diagnosed with a vitreous detachment in my left eye. Things didn’t end there.

I was having difficulty with my balance and reading so it was suggested that I see a neuro-optometrist. Continue reading “Get Your Eyes Checked Out – PART 2”

Get Your Eyes Checked Out – PART 1

When I sustained my concussion, the last thing I would have considered was any damage to my eyes. One day I was laying outside when I noticed a cloud of flying insects beside me. I looked at Mom and said, “Do you see that cloud of bugs?”. When she said she couldn’t see anything, I knew I might have a problem. I didn’t think too much about it until I also saw twinkling lights. I called my Ophthalmologist immediately. Continue reading “Get Your Eyes Checked Out – PART 1”