Christmas: 5 Days and Counting

Tip #3: All that noise, noise, noise!

When your concussion symptoms are at their worst, noise can be almost intolerable. Noise can also make it hard to concentrate on a conversation or worsen vestibular issues and migraines.

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Vacuuming Woes Solved By The Animal

Feeling inspired to do some housework when you can’t lift anything is a challenge in itself. Enter, my canister vacuum: heavy, bulky, awkward and impossible for me to use. Anyone who has suffered injuries such as myself will be able to relate to the fact that you are spending a lot of time in your house. With two dogs roaming around, shaking fur from their bodies everywhere, the fur balls add up quickly. When they get big enough, they can sometimes trick you into thinking you have three dogs.

DC62 Animal

I set out on a search for a lightweight and powerful vacuum that would handle flooring and carpeting. My salvation was Dyson’s DC62 Animal Cordless Vacuum.

I find so much joy in being about to contribute to the household and do something for myself, by myself!

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How Musicians Earplugs Gave Me My Life Back

One of the most emotionally debilitating symptoms of my concussion was hyperacusis; or over-sensitivity to noise. What used to sound like a normal conversation now sounded like freight train screaming by on the rails. At first I resorted to foam earplugs to get some relief only to find everything muffled and distorted. They were also very uncomfortable; especially for someone with smaller ears such as myself.

When a social event presented itself, I would decline. I also could no longer tolerate the sound of a crowd at the shopping mall or grocery store.

When company was visiting, I would wear my big on-ear noise-cancelling headphones to filter as much as I could, but it was not enough. Did I mention that my life revolved around music? I could not tolerate music either as it not only challenged my tolerance for sound, it also made my head hurt. This went on for 8 long months.

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