Priceless memories returned to you in a second

This morning I watched an inspirational video from Cesar Kuriyama called, One second every day. Cesar, a Director, took on the challenge of videoing his life every day. He would then select one precious second of that day, forever immortalized in an ongoing video of his life; captured in tiny bits of memories. Listen to Cesar’s TED Talk about his @1SecondEveryday project here:

I thought about the ongoing struggle I have with memory loss and decided that this would be a very interesting project to try!  Continue reading “Priceless memories returned to you in a second”

At Odds With My Memory

My memory retrieval for things such as finding my medication or peanut butter can almost be played out like gambling on the odds that I will be able to make the right choice. For instance, if I want to retrieve my medication there is a 9:1 chance that I will open the fridge door and not the cabinet where the medication actually resides. I would not take a gamble on me for this one because I still do this 1-1/2 years later!

Continuing on, there is a 5:1 chance that I will look for the peanut butter jar in the cabinet that has my medication. Fact: The peanut butter does not reside here. Furthermore, there is a 2:1 chance that I will remember where to put it back. The odds are definitely more favourable for me here.

The examples above are so simple and trivial for most, but not for me. I would get so upset with myself, and sometimes still do. “He..llo..o?! You’re medication is NOT in the fridge!“. Queue the SLAM of the refrigerator door. Fridge 1. Myself 0. Continue reading “At Odds With My Memory”