About Me

Photo Copyright 2014 Halcyon Thames

Welcome to my blog!

I have been living with post-concussion syndrome (PCS), chronic pain, and limited mobility since 2013.

Writing is still a passion and something I am relearning. My hope is that blogging about the ups and down of this new life will be not only therapeutic for me, but connect me to others wishing to follow my journey here in Canada.

I hope that you’ll return to cheer me on, share your story and find some comfort when you can to relate to my experiences; perhaps create a safe place in which we can find understanding and support.

We know that this is a lonely road that we travel and sometimes hope is hard to find when times get dark. For myself, the dragonfly symbolizes hope and strength; the light. The dragonfly reminds me that I am experiencing my transformation and that I need to accept change so that I can become my authentic self.

Seana (Dragonfly Girl)

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