transform: Time to Make Changes

I know, everyone has their New Year resolutions, however, living a life with daily chronic pain and cognitive disorders can become mundane, and it’s time to make some changes.

I read something around Christmas time that really made an impact on me. It was a story about a woman battling cancer. Her most important piece of advice to others was this:

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music: Soundtrack of My Morning, plus Steve Perry News!

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I don’t know about you, but music is essential in my life. It can instantly initiate an “attitude adjustment” on even the most miserable of days. This morning started off with sub-zero temperature (-13°C) and a short commute into the city. Fighting a cold, I slugged it out to the car and scraped off the ice from the windows, and turn on the butt warmers. Off we went; car radio tuned to SiriusXM CLASSIC REWIND.

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…How Disabled Do I Look Today?

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I know it doesn’t rhyme, but seriously, I have asked myself that a lot lately, “How disabled do I need to look?”

I felt the need to ponder this as a result of two encounters with discrimination; one where I was, literally, shamed out of a seated area for those with limited mobility.

So…this begs me to ask, “What does disability look like?”

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PSA: Am I Invisible?

Lately, I am feeling invisible. In a world full of technology, where we no longer look up, it is obvious that people do not see me, nor my cane, when trying to navigate a busy place; be it a mall, park or the sidewalk.

Can anyone relate to this? Has anyone had someone kick your cane out from under you? Have you felt the pain when your body jerks backwards as someone slams into your shoulder? Are you the one who gets out of other people’s way?

I attempt to make eye contact when trying to maneuver through a busy place. I want that person, who is on a collision course, to see me and (hopefully) sidestep to keep my path clear. Continue reading “PSA: Am I Invisible?”

Physical Therapy: The Fight is On!

A few weeks ago I received the best gift I could ever get; physiotherapy. Actual physio that would challenge me physically, and not just mentally through eye exercises. I knew that this would be painful and I wasn’t afraid of the pain. Or so I thought…

Having the weight of two adults on your back while they put things back where they belong and release trigger points is excruciating. However, I like to say I live the warrior’s way, and I tolerated it. My martial arts background steeled me from backing down and I like to think I have a high pain tolerance because of it.

After the first session I was told that typically they don’t work on so much at one time, and it gave me a satisfying feeling of being resilient; being the warrior. As I made my way through the parking lot to the car I was in agony but I tried to “be” with the pain in the hopes I could breath through it. What a fight that was, and the days that followed were worse. Continue reading “Physical Therapy: The Fight is On!”